User Feedback

It's very easy to set up automated triggers for just about anything. CaseAware has enabled us to double our caseload without increasing staff. Liz - Little Rock Law Firm

"CaseAware provides a high quality rapid implementation process that incorporates a streamlined communication procedure between First American Default Technologies and KMCIS. This enables the Attorney Firms to take full advantage of automated data communications with VendorScapeCMS in a timely fashion enabling the Attorney Firm to then implement process and resource optimizations that would not otherwise be available." -- MB, Core Logic, fka First American Default Technologies

"KMCIS was the first to integrate NTIEE with an attorney firm case management system. KMCIS has worked closely with Fidelity on resolving issues with NTIEE and has provided valuable insight on how we can improve the interface to better serve the attorney community that uses NewTrak. I would recommend KMCIS as an integrator for NTIEE due to their knowledge of the interface, positive attitude, and relationship with Fidelity IT staff that manages NewTrak development and integration."

-- ST, LPS Desktop/DIS, fka Fidelity National Default Solutions