BKFS (f/k/a LPS)

Industry Leaders LPS and KMC Information Systems Form Strategic Alliance

LPS (NYSE: LPS) delivers comprehensive technology solutions and services, as well as powerful data and analytics, to the nation's top mortgage lenders, servicers and investors. As a proven and trusted partner with deep client relationships, LPS offers the only end-to-end suite of solutions that provides major U.S. banks and many federal government agencies the technology and data needed to support mortgage lending and servicing operations, meet unique regulatory and compliance requirements and mitigate risk.

These integrated solutions support origination, servicing, portfolio retention and default servicing. LPS' servicing solutions include MSP, the industry's leading loan-servicing platform, which is used to service approximately 50 percent of all U.S. mortgages by dollar volume. The company also provides proprietary data and analytics for the mortgage, real estate and capital markets industries. Lender Processing Services is a Fortune 1000 company headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. For more information, please visit


iMailTracking is a comprehensive mailing solution for your mission critical documents. Since 1998 we have provided mail fulfillment services developed exclusively for the mortgage and legal markets. Removing the burden of mail production and tracking allows our clients to focus on their core business and thrive in competitive times. Our customer-centric approach is a perfect fit for clients who require custom solutions. In your world, we know there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Therefore, we offer cost effective strategies with industry leading turnaround times to satisfy your workflow requirements. For more information please visit or call (858) 375-5884.


Quandis Data Services provides one-stop shopping for your third-party vendor data integration needs including SCRA & Pacer searches. We specialize in automating manual integration tasks. Our platform allows order placement via web service calls, batch FTP drops, or front-end uploads of spreadsheets or delimited files. We normalize the data coming from the data vendors we integrate with, so you don't need to worry about converting "potato" to "potatoe". You can integrate with QDS, and should you switch downstream vendors, your integration efforts need not be changed. For more information, please visit or call (949) 525-9000.



Nexus Consulting Consortium

Nexus Consulting Consortium has decades of combined experience, we utilize well balanced listening skills, and deploy a team concept approach that allows for the recommendation and implementation of "best practices" in cost effective ways that match your project's unique requirements and firm's circumstances. Nexus places the highest priority on your firm's specific requirements and desires. You are welcome to engage our team at any point in your project's timeline, and all engagements allow you the option to balance and delegate the workload between your staff and our team. Nexus' technology solutions consultants are billed on an hourly basis, permitting you the flexibility to customize an approach whereby we perform only those services that are mutually agreed upon. For more information please visit or call (314) 821-8424.