CaseAware® Mobile Computing

At court, at a conference, or meeting with a Client and need to review your Case information or Case Documents? Need to add notes to your Case? Want to snap a picture of a document or check and save it to your Case? You can do all of that securely and remotely with the CaseAware® mobile app!

The mobile application works with both Apple and Android devices:
• Apple: iPhones, iPads, and the iPod touch (iOS 7.1 or higher) and available for purchase on the App Store (link below).
• Android: Phones and Tablets (Android version 4.3 or higher) and available for purchase on Google Play (link below).

Per an Estate Attorney in Indiana: "CaseAware® helps us keep track of all of our cases, including important filing deadlines. We make extensive use of the notes within the system to document meetings and calls with our clients. The CaseAware® mobile app allows us to review information about our client matters while out of the office with easy access to make updates to the system without having to remember to add it when I get back to the office."

Dan Cannon, the COO of KMCIS had the following comments "KMCIS is proud to offer a secure mobile option available for our CaseAware® customers. We recognize that many of our customers are outside their offices yet need secured access to their files to not only review history but also update the system without having to call in to an assistant or scribble notes on the back of their business card. Because our customers can quickly and easily add notes and documents to their case, the rest of their team then has access to that information real-time."