CaseAware® Suite

A Single Solution for Default Case Management.

The CaseAware® Suite consists of CaseAware® Manage and CaseAware® Integrate. CaseAware® Manage is a complete Case Management System that includes a dynamic workflow engine, built-in Fee and Cost forecasting, and integrated Document Generation, Storage & Retrieval.

CaseAware® Integrate provides automated, two-way transmission of data between a law firm's Case Management/Accounting systems and the prevalent Default Services industry middleware platforms: Lenstar, Desktop, VendorScape, iClear and NewInvoice (among many others).

CaseAware® is a multi-tiered product suite consisting of 2 Primary Applications:
• CaseAware® Manage - Case Management System
• CaseAware® Integrate - Integration System

CaseAware® Manage

CaseAware® Manage is a fully functional Case Management System with a Dynamic Workflow Engine and Integrated Document Generation, Storage, & Retrieval. CaseAware® Manage is extremely flexible with an extensive set of Firm configuration/customization options:

  • User defined Case Types, Steps, Values
  • User defined Flex Fields of various types with list options
  • Built-in Fee and Cost Forecasting
  • Configurable Workflow Management to drive timelines
  • Document Templates Generated directly from System and stored within the Case/Document Management System

CaseAware® Manage also has:

  • Built-in dynamic Load Balancing of Tasks to optimize Resources.
  • User Security (Access Level, Site, and Case Visibility) with Audit Tracking/Reports
  • Messaging System between Users plus Alerts
  • Calendar for Case as well as Company activities
  • Invoice & Check Request, Generation, and Printing

CaseAware® Integrate

CaseAware® Integrate provides a single means for the Firm to exchange [send and receive] with the industry's various external systems. CaseAware® Integrate is not just another interface you have to develop and maintain, we make the information move in and out of your CMS system.

We Make the Data Move

  • Data goes to/from Your CMS/Billing Systems
  • No Programming Required
  • We incorporate and deliver new features to You as they become available from the Vendors

Fault Tolerant Architecture

  • Data moves when the remote system is available
  • Installed and runs in Your Internal Network
  • Either on a dedicated Server or Co-Located with Your CMS

The system is highly scalable, uses industry standard formats, and industry standard transfer methods so it can easily be implemented for a single firm or a large organization. CaseAware® Integrate is currently processing live/production data with the following Vendor Systems:

  • Case Management
    • CaseAware
    • BKFS Desktop
    • Clarifire
    • Equator
    • LenStar
    • Ocwen
    • Tempo
    • VendorScape
  • GSE
    • Fannie Mae - DMRS
    • Freddie Mac - Quandis ADR
  • Billing
    • iClear
    • FMC
    • LEDES
    • NewInvoice
    • RealRemit (NetDirector)
    • 104-DC
  • TSG / Title
    • Affinia Title (Title)
    • First American Title (TSG & Title)
    • Lawyers Title (TSG)
    • LenderLive Title (Title)
    • Linear Title (TSG & Title)
    • Old Republic Title (TSG)
    • Orange Coast Title (TSG)
    • Pacific Coast Title (TSG)
    • PropertyInfo (Title)
    • Red Vision (Title)
    • ServiceLink Title (TSG & Title)
    • Stewart Title (TSG)
    • Ticor Title (TSG)
    • Title365 (TSG & Title)
    • WFG National Title (TSG)
  • State Systems
    • Colorado: GTS (Trustees)
    • Nevada: Foreclosure Mediation Program
  • E-Filing/Recording
    • CSC/Ingeo
    • CourtXPress (Firm Solutions)
    • Simplifile
  • Certified Mailing
    • iMail
    • Walz
  • Military Check
    • Epiq Systems
    • LCI
    • Quandis
  • Bankruptcy Filing
    • Epiq Systems
    • Quandis
  • Bankruptcy Monitoring
    • BankruptcyWatch
    • Epiq Systems
  • Deceased Search
    • LCI
  • SSN Search
    • NetDirector
  • Pub/Post/Sales
    • ASAP
    • (Sales Only)
    • Elite Posting & Publication
    • FEI
    • First American/NPP
    • Priority Posting & Pub
  • Service of Process
    • Service-Complete
    • ABC Legal
    • Affinia
    • Firefly
    • Nationwide ASAP
    • Process Servers Toolbox
    • ProVest
  • Local Counsel
    • Attorneys on Demand
  • State Dockets
    • Quandis QCC