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The year was 2004, Wes Kozeny & Garry McCubbin, the partners at K&M Law in St. Louis, Missouri were faced with a dilemma. Build a replacement Case Management System for the obsolete one that they had been using for nearly two decades, or purchasing an off the shelf Case Management software product. Over the years, the technology needs of Kozeny & McCubbin Default Services Law Practice had evolved into requiring a strong workflow component, seamless data integration with industry partners, document management capabilities and a paperless work environment.

Upon evaluating all Pre-packaged Case Management & Integration software products available at that time, and finding them all to be lacking at least something deemed vital to the Firm's needs, the decision was made to proceed forward the development of a custom application.At about this point in time, the K&M partners met Dan Cannon, an application architect and software developer with loads of talent and many years of problem solving experience. The partners described to Dan that they were searching for a high volume, process driven case management system. He immediately understood the application and the two parties began working together.

As the system was developed and efficiencies at K&M began to show dramatic improvement, it became obvious that the group was on to something. The thinking turned to perhaps this could become a product that the entire Default Services industry could use. A business partnership was formed between Kozeny, McCubbin and Cannon for a software company that became known as KMC Information Systems.

Another year was spent developing the Integration component, incorporating additional features into the case management product, and enhancing the workflow capabilities. In 2006, the CaseAware Suite was launched, with the two components of the Suite being CaseAware Manage, and CaseAware Integrate. Five years, and more than 60 customers later, the CaseAware Suite continues to attract Default Services Law Firms and Foreclosure Trustees who want to "Do More, Faster, With Less".